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Nick Bateman
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chordover Happy sat!!

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"I kinda like to think he gives people hope."


David Gandy covers Times Magazine (UK) unveiling his range of underwear for Marks & Spencer photographed by Mariano Vivanco (Interview)

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Sam Claflin “The Riot Club” Interview

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Margaery has had some interesting arranged marriages. Do you enjoy seeing her make it through all these relationships? It’s kind of refreshing as a woman not to be playing a character that’s just defined by whom she’s in love with, to be honest. With Margaery, political ambition is motivating her—her relationships with all these different men has an agenda. Game of Thrones is like The Hunger Games in so far as it has beautiful writing of strong, complex, contradictory women—whether you’re talking about Arya Stark or Brienne of Tarth, who are physically empowering themselves; or women like Cersei and Margaery, who are doing the more traditional political court machinations. - Natalie Dormer; Photographed by Chad Pitman for Yahoo! Style (x)

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Arty Kowalski

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Daryl watching Beth from the doorway; 4x01/4x13

Dylan O’Brien + Facial hair.